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The Next Generation

PPL 2.0 is the next generation of ArianeSoft Inc's easy to use and powerful development tool for building robust Windows as well as Windows Mobile applications. The redesigned interface will make Visual Studio developers feel right at home, while providing a comfortable environment for new programmers. PPL 2.0 gives you the ability to develop your applications using fully object oriented code, with less coding than most comparable tools. Features such as the line by line debugger, code profiler, and memory analyzer will help you build robust applications that stand the test of time. PPL's ability to create device native executables and to collect resources (images, music, data files, etc.) into a single package file makes applications a snap to distribute to the end user.

PPL Control Library

PPL 2.0 uses a new object oriented methodology called PCL - which stands for PPL Control Library - in order to provide the end user with easy access to a wide array of standard and custom controls. Developers can easily create new custom controls into component packages for easy distribution. PPL also supports the use of 3rd party DLLs and ActiveX controls, ensuring that the developer will have all the options they need for building the latest and greatest user driven applications.

Better Business Development

If you are a business developer, PPL has you covered with its set of objects that encapsulate the embedded database SQLite. Develop data driven applications that allow you to focus on developing the user experience rather than on implementing the underlying technology.

Easy Game Development

So what about when you want to just relax and do a little coding for leisure's sake? PPL comes fully loaded with a built in object oriented library for writing 2D games in no time. The core graphics engine allows you to develop games on Windows and Windows Mobile using multiple screen resolutions. Support for jpg, bmp, gif, and png image file types is included. The sprites engine allow you to create amazing games like never before. The sound engine natively supports mp3, ogg, mod and wav file formats but there are also facilities for using FMOD, which is a solid, time tested audio library. Want to add some spice to your game? Add new levels of interactivity with the built in physic engine, and top it all off with some fancy special effects via the particle engine. Several freeware and shareware games have already been written using PPL v1.x.

Great Support

In addition to a great product, with PPL you get great support. The forums are frequented with active developers from around the world who are more than willing to share their wisdom and experience with you. The developers of the software are also there to answer your questions. Finally, there is a comprehensive set of FAQs and tutorials, as well as a monthly newsletter full of tips and tricks to enrich your programming endeavors.

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